Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bananas & Cream

My client (Im a self-employed homecare Nurse Assistant) eats regularly cut bananas with International Delight coffee creamer for breakfast.

I asked her about it she says she has always done it (she is 96 years old) and since I love to try new things I tried it myself (before I was Vegan I tried it the way she eats it) I thought it was alright.

Then since I now just LOVE Hemp milk, I decided to switch the creamer to Hemp Milk and it was just delicious! <3 I am now officially out of Hemp milk as of last night but I still have almond, rice and cashew milk left. :p But will be getting more today as well as some more avocados! :D

Later: Well, went to the store, the other store by my house (Smiths) didnt have Hemp Milk :( So I need to go to the original Smiths I got it from. I did pickup soy chocolate milk though and had a coupon.

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