Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Going Vegan? WTF??

I know it sounds crazy but here's my story.

I have been an meat & dairy eater my whole life. I love milk, I love fried food like chicken and steak. I love junk food. I normally have a glass of milk at night before bed, helps me sleep good.

I have also been an animal lover my entire life. My first pet was an cat named Tripper and our family dog named Lady when I was born and raised in Las Vegas NV.

Growing up we had our family pets after moving to Utah 2 dogs and a cat, whom have all passed away of old age and were cremated to have a respectful death. Altogether now we have 4 cats and 2 dogs. 1 dog and 1 cat are personally mine. (Sheesha on the left and Baby on the right) My daughter has my own kitten named Kitten that she received for her 9th birthday. Ironically all my pets are black and white and my parents are assorted colors so I guess we know whos who lol!

Anyway back to being Going Vegan.  Im constantly on Facebook, I love animal pictures, dug deeper and liked more pages that had to do with animal rights and now here I am daily signing petitions to protect all animals around the world and our environment. After seeing how farm animals in USA are treated as well as our wild life and even domestic animals and wishing everyday for GOD to harm those that harm those animals. I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Im going Vegan.

Thoughts on GMOs? I have already thought about this as well. My concern is less with GMOs and more with animals and their life and the cruelty they face. 

Another thing that helped me make my decision is in The Bible #AspiringChristian and from what I have googled we are natural HERBIVORES. Our bodies are built ONLY to eat plants like fruits and veggies and grains. The Bible Verse that helped me also with this was Genesis 1:29-30 but after the flood of Noah GOD gave us permission to eat meat Genesis 9:3-4 with guidelines to follow from Leviticus 11. Plus reading a story of a previous Butcher to Animal Activist really helped me decide to change my mind. 

I also have really high cholesterol so what really helps is my doctor told me to avoid fried foods (which I really dont want too), 2 pieces of cheese a week (dont like that neither) and avoid pork.

I have tried a little in the past by making tofu tacos (which actually came out pretty good) and veggie tacos (huge fan of tacos). I normally would eat chicken or steak tacos.  I have also dabbed in juicing which I plan on doing again once I get a better juicer.


1.  I cannot guarantee I can be 100% Vegan because there will be exceptions such as special occasions like when my mother cooks German food (pork and dairy) or Thanksgiving (ironically my fave holiday) and other things. Im thinking I could be probably 80% of the time which is good enough for me. I also like pasta with cheese such as tortellini & ravoli, spaghetti with meat, pizza?  etc. Fish/Shrimp/Crab I also still enjoy and not very often so I think it is ok to have.

2.  Im still in the process of becoming a Vegan, which is not exactly easy. For example I had a hamburger last night and today regret it. I need to go shopping and get the foods that I normally get for myself and research the best substitutes. 

If I have anything else to add on my journey to becoming a Vegan. Thanks for listening :) 

At first I was unsure if I was going to do a public or private Vegan blog but I figure if I can help another Aspiring Vegan as well and share tips that work for me then I can help someone else in the process as well. :) As well as keep me accountable.

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