Monday, July 14, 2014

The Struggle

 Well the last few days I learned a few things about myself while attempting to go Vegan:

1) Coconut milk is not very good but Almond milk tastes pretty good.

2) They put dairy in almost EVERYTHING.  Kind of annoying if you ask me.

3) Im a Self-Employed Nurse Assistant and you cannot turn down your senior friend to have a meal with him with meat or dairy in it.

4) It seems you eat a lot more carbs being a Vegan. Such as breads and such but then it made me wonder if bread is made with eggs and milk and the same with pasta?

5) Walmart does not have very many vegan items.

6) Found this delicious Vegan Recipe site

7) Some Vegans think its ok to eat seafood? That just puzzles me because no meat or dairy IMO means no meat or dairy and I include seafood in that aspect. Plus sea animals face the same cruelty as farm animals, domestic and wild.

8) At first I thought I cant do this its too hard but then I login to my Facebook account and see the harm done to animals in the name of a patty or some bacon or milk  and then I remember WHY Im doing this and keep moving forward and just take it one meal/snack at a time. If I happen to be eating dairy then I at least am happy Im not eating meat and if I hadnt ate neither then I know I am making progress. :)

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