Thursday, July 31, 2014

What to Eat?

Normally we ask ourselves that question when we want something but not sure what for any meal or snack of the day but I am asking myself what I normally eat and how to convert it into a Vegan meal.

I love tacos, spaghetti, pizza, chicken, hamburgers, chocolate, ANYTHING. I have always been opened minded when it came to food. Only one time I couldnt stomach a dish and that was ramen with sardines, my stomach was so upset with me when I tried it. :/

Whats great about being vegan and having tacos is making it all sorts of ways.

I need to seriously thinking of my replacements now while I am still in "research mode"  . Today I had two fried hot dogs, my family and I dont like all beef but the turkey, chicken and pork combo. So I dont think the change over will be that hard for me.

Pizza seems easy no meat no cheese.

Hmmm need to really think about my personal menu. 

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