Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mid-Vegan Crisis

Okay so I had to stop for a minute...I didnt have very many food options and I was confused and still am sorting things out on my own. So today I went to the local Harmons Grocery store to pickup my rx (for crazy, high cholesterol and heartburn and that is another blog post on a different topic on taking care of that with fruits veggies juicing etc) and decided to check out their Vegan products in the produce section.

AND THEY HAD A SECTION! :D A lot bigger than Walmarts for sure. All kinds of dairy free and meatless options for food. My bigger concern was dairy than meat. The only thing I couldnt find was egg replacements. But that is ok.

See I dont live near a Whole Foods and I am on a budget. My markets are Walmart and Harmons and if I feel like driving out of the way Smiths. I mainly shop at Walmart though.

Im not going Vegan yet, I still have to get my new lifestyle food and do I dare say "Diet" in order before I can take that leap. I dont want to do it and then panicking and freaking out over what to eat! I hate that and that is also why I have a hard time doing cleanses. Because I LOVE FOOD.

Im still trying to figure out which milk I like too. So far between coconut and almond I prefer the almond, the next Im going to try is soy and rice milk. I keep hearing how soy is bad for you so Im going to read up on that and see what all that shit is about.

Seeing this section at Harmons made me kind of feel like GOD telling me I am going in the right direction and made a wise decision to go Vegan and that I do have options out there based on my circumstances. 

So still working on it and in the process and on hold. Till my next update ;)

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