Sunday, October 26, 2014

Boy was I Tempted...

Vegan Veggie Marinara Spaghetti for Dinner tonight
Boy was I tempted to have a hot dog before I had dinner ready...instead I ate the leftover veggie pasta I made yesterday...

Boy was I tempted to eat meat (ground beef) in my spaghetti...Instead I separated some veggie maranara sauce for myself...

Boy was I tempted to eat ice cream but instead had some of my Clif Bar.

Ironically, I have the worst self-discipline, but the longer I am Vegan the easier it gets. 

I still have plenty of VEGAN food to eat too. I have leftover vegan sloppy joes, veggie pasta, sandwich stuff, chikn patties & black bean vegan patties plus some Clif Bars for dessert.

It was hard at first, being the only Vegan in my household but I manage and I try to share my meals with my non-vegan family so that they can see it can be good without meat or dairy and I still get all my vitamins with a good multivitamin with iron, B12 & protein. No reason not to go Vegan. ;)  Even if you dont care for the animals going vegan is actually good for your health & the environment.

TIP: If you want to go vegan read the labels of your food choices it will let you know right away if there are any milk or any other dairy items in the product! AND non-dairy does NOT mean dairy free, its just a tricky word. 

Here are a couple of helpful articles I found this weekend about being Vegan on the Cheap (NOT a vegan article BTW ;) ) and living without Dairy:
7 Foods to Buy when Your Broke (#7 has a dairy free option)
29 Tips to Get Rid of Dairy (without turning to Soy!)

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