Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Okay now Im just being an Asshole

idk wtf I was thinking today but I had to stop at McDonalds for my bro two doubles and I got me a cheeseburger and strawberry/cream pie.

Which is so funny because when I volunteered today I was very careful and bought a salad with no meat/dairy and tortilla soup. I did add thousand island dressing. I really didnt want the vinaigrette stuff :/

idk why I did it. I no longer enjoy it and I no longer think of myself as a meat and dairy eater. Then why the fuck did I do it???

I actually sat there and thought about it before I did it. Back and forth and then I finally told myself it would be okay. WRONG!

But I still dont understand why I did come to the conclusion is because I dont like being denied and I have no self-discipline. But I have done great so far. So why fuck it up??? Its a Cause I believe in indefinitely. It took me a long time and a lot of guilt to come to the conclusion that I wanted to be a vegan. This was no overnight decision. This is no fad for me.  Maybe its letting go of who I was before or the new change in myself? IDK. I really dont know. But I think when shit like this happens it gets easier and easier for me to separate myself from it Ive noticed and I have lost 7lbs : D

I live in Utah, which is somewhat trendy with its Vegan food but not enough like LA or NY. We have a couple of specific vegan restaurants and options and we have a Whole Foods and a Sprouts. But we can still customize our food vegan still with no meat and no dairy. Just like any other fast food or restaurant place. I wish more food places would act as an example of Chipotle.

Anyway WORLD VEGAN DAY is coming up November 1st. I am also preparing my favorite holiday Thanksgiving Vegan Style. I just need to buy more sides. I cannot wait to share :) on here.

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