Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vegan Recipe: Bean & Tofu Tacos

 Can of diced tomatoes with green chiles (fresh tomatoes better)
Can of Pinto Beans (homemade beans better)
1/4 Diced tofu
Chopped Onion
1 Chopped Jalapeno Pepper 
Season All
Salt & Pepper
Minced Onion Seasoning
Garlic Salt 
Corn Tortillas
Cooking Oil

Combine and strain pinto beans & diced tomatoes with green chiles. Get a frying pan, turn on high heat and make sure that oil is very hot before adding ingredients. Add pinto beans & diced tomatoes, chopped onion & jalapeno, chopped tofu and all your seasonings. Lower heat to medium and let simmer and stir occasionally for 10 minutes or more depends on your taste. I like to make sure that the onion is sauteed completely before I consider it finished. I also like a slightly smokey flavor to it.

Take your corn tortillas, dip them individually into your bean & tofu taco mix on both sides then grill them in another frying pan to taste. I like them to have a slightly burnt/crisp look to them. Then add your taco mix to the tortilla, scoop in avocado with salt to taste and serve.

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