Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 5

As usual sugar & vanilla soy milk in my first cup of coffee and just sugar at my coffee at work, but I also ate a banana at work this time as well from the lobby.

On my way home from work today I bought some wendys fries & then came home and made leftover bean & tofu tacos.

Then a few hours past and I had been craving pizza and thinking about vegan options and went online to my favorite pizza places papa johns and ordered a hand tossed cheeseless veggie pizza and it was delish! :D I ate it with the free garlic sauce and had two slices. I was going to make my own but I didnt feel like going to the store for the ingredients.

Well I learned last night that papa murphys garlic sauce and crust both have dairy in it :( But not going to let that get me down. The website doesnt even really specify neither about their ingredients just wheat flour and water. Fuckers. I hate that. I wish companies could be more honest. I do want to make my own pizza anyway just not my own dough. I aint Martha fuckin Stewart! (even though I look to cook but not that thorough). I will deal with the GMOs personally. My only goal is to go Vegan period. 

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