Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 4

Day 4 I have done pretty good so far. The usual coffee with sugar & today vanilla soy milk and at work coffee with sugar.

I had to pickup mcdonalds nuggets for my family again and only had two then when I got home I made myself a bowl of apple sauce with cut up banana and grapes. It was good!

I also made my lunch/dinner which is bean & organic tofu tacos with diced tomatoes, onion, chiles, seasonings, tofu and pinto beans and I will have with avocado on a corn tortilla.

Im supposed to juice today too since I made a smoothie yesterday. I made a green grapes, carrots, leftover tomato, spinach with lemon juice and Bragg apple cider vinegar.

Between juicing and becoming a vegan, OMG I seriously have never ate so many fruits and veggies before in my life!  I need a new juicer though, this one is good but so many parts and such. Its a good starter juicer. Hamilton Beach $50 at Walmart. Bought it for myself last year as an xmas present. I just make sure I clean all the parts right away after I make my juice so I dont get lazy later and the fruits and veggies dont stick to the juicer parts.

Well since I seem to be balancing juicing and being a vegan just fine I think I need to add in some workouts again. I want to do just simple at home workouts. No gym, no dvds. I was a beach body coach at one time and bought quite a few of their workouts and then a couple of years later sold a couple of them on ebay. I dont want to overwhelm myself with certain programs or a gym membership again although, I will browse. ;) Once I get fit I would like to build some serious muscle. Not bulky but still have maybe a little bigger than lean muscle. IDK I am not sure yet.

As an entrepreneur its amazing how many health and wellness companies there are out there. 

The new multivitamin I bought is working well. It has everything and especially protein, iron and B12. I havent felt weak since the second day of becoming a vegan. Plus I make sure I add enough protein in my meals daily.

I decided once I have been a vegan for a couple of months I am going to take a trip to whole foods or sprouts (not near me), then go to a vegan restaurant and buy a vegan shirt as a treat and reward for becoming vegan. :) 

Well to end my night I had some organic oatmeal with no dairy just cashew milk and some hot tea with stevia and vanilla soy milk. 

Goodnight :)

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