Friday, October 24, 2014

Vegan is a Lifestyle Change

This morning I weighed myself, even though I slipped a couple of times with meat & dairy, I lost 3lbs. But I aint doing this to lose weight. There is a much BIGGER picture. Like not supporting animal cruelty and saving the planet. Being healthy & weight loss just happens to be one of the many benefits.

Since I always do my best to be honest, I still have my vices. Like Dr. Pepper and regular sugar & creamer for my coffee. Thats it. But I stated in the beginning I wont be a strict Vegan because I know myself better than anyone.  

Sugar, Creamer & Dr. Pepper have animal by products in them. I tried stevia I dont like it. I dont like any sweetners. I only like Silk Soy Vanilla milk in my coffee but looking for Vegan creamer at Harmons soon. I will have to try a different kind of sugar that is more natural or raw then but I am working towards it. Dr. Pepper I wouldnt give up though. Tried in the past and I know I really dont want too so I wont.

Anyway I know I cant be an animal activist especially for farm animals and NOT be a vegan. It just doesnt make any sense. Plus I feel guilt. I LOVE MILK, LIKE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. But learning that cows are impregnated over and over again just to service a gallon of milk and the environment pays for it and she loses her baby calf over it and cant feed her calf after its born and then they are separated, its just not worth it on my conscious. If I was in a cows position I would just want to die and eventually they do get slaughtered because they are now unprofitable and useless. What a life huh? Plus think of all the chemicals and hormones in milk. Imagine now you are sucking on a cows teat/udder. Because that is exactly what it is without the middle man. You are also taking that poor baby calf's milk as well. You're Welcome.

This weekend to further my belief in my cause I am going to watch Cowspiracy and Speciesism. I also sign animal petitions and will be hitting colleges and educating people on veganism. :)

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