Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 1

Today so far (its only 833pm) I didnt do too bad. This morning in my morning coffee which is normally dry creamer and sugar, I used cashew milk.

My second cup of coffee at work, got a little bit more confusing. On the little cup of the International Delight Coffee Cream it said "non-dairy" puzzled but still thought it would be ok to use, but later learned its just tricky words they get you to use their products. It is in fact dairy.

Then I came home and had a boca chik'n burger on toast with mustard and ketchup and a banana with an Bragg ACV elixir. It was good but noted that I need to get me some vegan mayo and/or butter. 

On my way to get my daughter from school because I normally stop at McDonalds and get a ice cream cone. Well, as hard as I tried I went and got it anyway :( and the guilt and what I imagined with the cows in factory farms and their babies being taken from them, I felt bad the whole time and realized more than ever I never need that ice cream again. :'( 

After my nap I had a banana and some cashew milk and remembered I needed to juice so I made kind of a short style V8 juice with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar to clean and use in my juice, lemon, half a tomato, carrots and baby spinach. 

I know I may not be done eating for tonight but after the ice cream incident this afternoon I realize I am more clear on becoming a Vegan than ever before and will not be touching meat or dairy for the rest of the night. 

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