Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 6

Having my morning coffee with sugar and vanilla soy creamer. Unsure really now about both that are "healthy" or have animal by product in them (my white sugar) but oh well. At least I am still on the right track and will workout the details later on my food products I use. I did buy a new sugar but idk some say this is pure cane and nothing else and some say its not just depends on how its manufactured. I think bone char is what they use if manufactured the other way idk.

Anyway going back to signing and SHARING again my animal petitions full time online again, lately I have been doing it only when they pass on my facebook newsfeed. Some are ugly but justice needs to be served.

I have a recipe fb group and I am no longer going to share recipes with meat or dairy in it. I am taking baby steps with all of this and trying to stay on track.

In the Vegan fb group they were talking about how being healthy and being vegan going hand in hand meaning avoid foods with gmos, processed because in order to help another being we need to be healthy to do so. Which makes sense but I want to get to the basics first of NOT eating meat or dairy at least directly and worry about the specifics later but I do realize I can indirectly be eating meat and dairy as well which sucks because it seems everything on the fuckin planet is tarnished with meat, dairy, sugar and gmos whether we want to eat it or not.

Went to Harmons today and purchased organic herb style stuffing for my Thanksgiving, dairy free mac and cheese and vegetarian sloppy joes.

Thanksgiving my all time favorite holiday ever regardless of how it originated. I celebrate it for different reasons so I am preparing for my Thanksgiving this year as a Vegan. I have a celebration roast, now my stuffing....I also love mashed potatoes, veggies and cranberry sauce. I will try to use more natural (healthy) ingredients as well as of course vegan ingredients. Im excited about doing something unique from now on for my favorite holiday.

Eating leftover vegan pizza and bean/tofu tacos today. Its nice to have options. I need to get more veggies and beans though. I dont think I am going to juice again today, not in the mood. 

Well I didnt really eat anything else except a banana before bed. I think I did good today. 

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