Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 2

Like I stated I would most likely still be eating after 8pm last night and did. I had two vegan soy dogs..thumbs down...going to give them to my doggies...and then I woke up at 3am and had a PB&J sammich with cashew milk.

Today again I had my morning coffee with sugar and cashew milk and at work this time I had it just black with sugar. It wasnt too bad. I could probably get used to the taste if I am drinking coffee while I am out.

Note about my bread: Its bread so most likely has some sort of dairy and I picked up the wrong loaf a week ago and says it has honey in it. Im just focusing on staying away from general dairy and meat/seafood before worrying about the details later. 

Before work I stopped at Del Taco and had my usual 1/2lb  bean and cheese burrito with red sauce and sour cream but this time just plain no cheese or sour cream but with the red sauce. It was good. I was feeling kind of weak before I went there and the burrito made me feel better. Realized I need to get my vitamins together as a Vegan. Which after googling noted B12 mainly, then Iron, Calcium and a few others. When I get my vitamins I want to make sure that they do dissolve into the body and work, instead of just buying it and nothing happening.

On my way to taking my daughter to school this morning, I silently prayed that becoming a Vegan would be an easy transition for me and now I actually feel like its easier. I love it :) 

Before I left my client she gave me a couple of pieces of jelly candy and swedish fish and I ate it without thinking because she normally shares her candy with me. Then I realized it could possibly have some sort of dairy in it and will check so I am aware for next time.

When I came home I finished the burrito I had bought in the morning and then ran to another market for more vegan items that had more (picture below) and just got home and had a stem of green grapes and a banana. 

It doesnt really matter to me but I do kind of want to keep track somehow of my lifestyle change so I am noting here my weight is 153lbs.

you know, its funny, after eating processed food all my life, then eating processed vegan food, ironically now i think ALL processed food aint the way to go...even though i already knew that about clean eating but the realization just hit me....what brought that on was eating my boca chikn again and the thought of eating my processed soy ham kind of made me ill...but i do think it would still make grilled cheese sandwiches when i am in the mood...now i just want to focus on 3-4 ingredient recipes like i would if i were to normally cook...i cant stand recipes that have too much ingredients...too overwhelming and i really dont think its necessary...

Today I went to Harmons...a neighborhood grocery and has much more vegan items and organic
items then walmart would ever have...and i picked up the correct vegan processed cheese & vegan soy ham, this special sugar with no gmo or animal by products in it...a dairy free creamy chocolate candy bar, veganese (vegan mayo), a multi-vitamin with B12 and iron in it...oh and a celebration roast for thanksgiving! :D lol MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!

I also heard oreos were vegan so I ate some of those today with cashew milk, it wasnt the same and i think i need to soak the cookie in the cashew milk longer...but i drove right past McDonalds today and did NOT get an ice cream and was more determined and set on doing so on my way to get my daughter...

anyway with some trial and error i am bound to get this right and come up with my own routine favorite meals & snacks and i think aside from the fruit the best vegan meal i had today was my burrito from del taco :D

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